Bonifacio: the perfect surprise for a love luxury holiday

If you would move to an amazing destinations you have to choose the flagship of Corsica.

A love trip is the best time you can gift to yourself and your beloved. No matter if it’s a short weekend or a long vacation; women love to be pampered and Bonifacio is the perfect surprise for a love luxury holiday.
Our recommendation is definitely the flagship of Corsica, namely Bonifacio. It is even more beautiful if you venture here on a luxury yacht made-in-Italy of Ferretti group. A yacht where every place and space is designed to provide you with total comfort, with efficient and well-maintained services, guaranteeing the privacy you desire. In addition, you will be able to lose yourself in the stunning Mouths of Bonifacio and explore this magical place in 360°. Rely on our services to find the yacht that best suits your needs

Visit #Bonifacio by Yacht is a real treasure hunt: get lost among the Mouths to find an enchanting hidden place.

In Bonifacio, the beauty of every glimpse runs through people’s souls, you will be bewitched by the details of this small town as you enter the narrow gorge that hides the ancient Medieval Stronghold from prying eyes.
If you wish to truly admire the most striking sights of exclusive Bonifacio, venturing by yacht is the best option. The emotions which you feel are indescrivable when you cross the narrow gorge enclosed on either side by the striated limestone cliffs as one is greeted by the intoxicating sight of the medieval citadel rising behind the roofed houses.
Amid flowering hills encircled by a crystal-clear turquoise-hued archipelago, numerous dolphins and brightly colored fish can be spotted. This is an ideal place for those who enjoy diving or snorkeling.
Sailing between the Straits of Bonifacio, you can explore the natural caves scattered throughout the archipelago and visit the world-famous Lavezzi Islands. It is an authentic paradise where you can relax while spending unique moments and exploring the reefs and emerging lots.

The white limestone cliffs overhanging the sea and the Escalier du Roi d’Aragon

L’Escalier du Roi d’Aragon

Bonifacio is spectacular for the very high and white cliffs overhanging the sea, the most famous ones being Place de la Manichella and Plache di Marché. A must to see is the fortress that encloses more than a dozen glimpses, through which you can admire heavenly landscapes from the different corners of the stronghold. In addition, you can walk through the quaint and picturesque alleys of the old town where attention to colors and details has never been neglected, allowing tourists to savor its scents and emotions.
One place not to be missed is L’Escalier du Roi d’Aragon: a staircase carved into the rock overlooking the sea along the white cliffs of the King D’Aragon. In total there are 187 steps and for 60 meters descends down to the sea. It was built to access a water source. Discovered by the Franciscans despite the legend that it was dug in a single night by the troops of the King D’Aragon during the siege of 1420.
In true Corsican style, the old town of Bonifacio meets the new town seamlessly.
If you choose to experience your Bonifacio adventure by yacht, be sure to stop in the gorge that connects Bonifacio to the sea at night. You can then admire the citadel lights illuminating the Mediterranean’s most elegant harbor. It’s a unique and unrepeatable thrill to watch the beauty of the medieval fortress, located on the tip of the hill that lights up all night along with the narrow streets of the Corsican town.

You will be able to lose yourself in the stunning Mouths of Bonifacio

Bonifacio is pure beauty, extreme luxury and exclusivity.

The magic of Bonifacio is unique and rare, but eating there is also a unique experience for the palate. Along Bonifacio’s harbor you will find upscale restaurants and lounge bars specializing in making elaborate cocktails and serving tasty local dishes. The particular attention to presentation and hospitality is what sets the town’s restaurants apart from the rest of Corsica.

Bonifacio is elegance and class, is beautiful and exclusive, so Bonifacio is the perfect surprise for a love luxury holiday
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