About Us

DIAGO is a global engagement company that operates in the niche products and luxury goods and services sector, offering unique experiences and opportunities. Our company transforms business insights, business opportunities, into powerful and revolutionary experiences with the search of exclusive products, satisfying the desires of our selected and exclusive clients: from memorable events to services to people and companies, from the strategy of positioning and development of brands in Italy and abroad to the search for collaborations and partners.

Luxury Services

DIAGO is able to guarantee the most sought-after luxury services to people and companies, to realize memorable and exclusive events, to help the positioning and development strategy of brands in Italy and abroad, to guide partners in the search for effective commercial collaborations and strategic partnerships. Have fun finding the Luxury service that best suits you!



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Our Work Team

DIAGO's team is composed with a dense network of expert collaborators of high and proven professionalism, with a strong passion for business development and transformation and with extensive experience in multiple sectors of the international scene.

Luxury Elite

DIAGO is therefore a platform of opportunities, legacy, luxury services and excellence, that addresses with strong passion to demanding private subjects and selective and selected companies in the international context, with the aim of creating rare opportunities for strategic collaborations and to satisfy the most exclusive needs.

Personal Luxury Assistant

Clients who choose DIAGO enjoy the freedom to reach everything they love or need no matter where they are, obtaining, with a single service assistant, an excellent and all-inclusive service thanks to our experience and network.

Customer Satisfaction

We know that today’s in a hyper-competitive market, providing excellent service is not enough to satisfy customers and ensure their loyalty. Our goal is to transform our customer relationship into a truly unique and memorable experience. We believe that in order to gain the lasting trust of consumers and users of our products and services, we must carefully follow the needs and requirements of our customers by developing and maintaining high standards of quality and providing products and services that are significantly better than those of our main competitors.


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International Network

With our network we implement a go-to-market strategy that will open the doors to many more opportunities. If you are an ambitious, talented, dedicated, professional person who wants to grow, adapt and prosper, contact us: we want to hear from you. If, on the other hand, you are representing a company that offers luxury services or a company that produces unique, special, exclusive and high value goods linked to the territory and local craftsmanship, then get in touch with us: there will surely be many opportunities to develop together.