About Us

DIAGO is a global engagement company that operates in the niche products and luxury goods and services sector, offering unique experiences and opportunities. Our company transforms business insights, business opportunities, into powerful and revolutionary experiences with the search of exclusive products, satisfying the desires of our selected and exclusive clients: from memorable events to services to people and companies, from the strategy of positioning and development of brands in Italy and abroad to the search for collaborations and partners.

Our Company Mission

DIAGO is therefore a platform of opportunities, legacy, luxury services and excellence, that addresses with strong passion to demanding private subjects and selective and selected companies in the international context, with the aim of creating rare opportunities for strategic collaborations and to satisfy the most exclusive needs.

DIAGO - Service Company customers enjoy the freedom to get what they love or need regardless of where they are with the support provided by a specialized personal assistant. The priority of our company is to provide excellent and all-encompassing service, the result of our experience and to our network.

Our Luxury Vision

DIAGO would like to be the benchmark for the niche markets, luxury goods and services available to an ecosystem of stakeholders who will be able to get everything they need independently of where they live, thanks to us. With our support, our clients can efficiently penetrate the global market and can achieve their desired aspirations in a complete and absolutely satisfying way. An innovative and unique company that offers the most exclusive sought-after products, services, goods and, thanks to this, is growing and becoming a leader in the luxury industry.