Luxury Services

DIAGO is able to guarantee the most sought-after luxury services to people and companies, to realize memorable and exclusive events, to help the positioning and development strategy of brands in Italy and abroad, to guide partners in the search for effective commercial collaborations and strategic partnerships. Have fun finding the Luxury service that best suits you!


ㅤDIAGO, is a company mainly focused on luxury services, offers private individuals and professionals exclusive luxury services according to their needs.

Modern women and men know that time is their most valuable resource: being always connected and moving, time is the real luxury they cannot give up because it is no longer recoverable. DIAGO is your perfect partner to help you save time and get privileged access to all those services that allow you an extremely higher quality of life. We are your secret key to unlock a world of exclusive experiences. We’ll provide you with services that simplify your life so much that you won’t be able to be without them anymore.

Luxury Events

We assist the client in the conception, design and also in the preparations required for the realization of the event; furthermore we supply a variety of services to support the planning of private parties, such as weddings, birthdays, graduation parties and gala parties. We take care of all the services, relieving the client from all concerns related to the organization of the special moment: from the selection of the location, to the preparations, passing through the entire range of related agency services such as the personal and catering services, transports and security.

The choice of the location undoubtedly represents the most important phase for the organization of special events. DIAGO can provide a range of solutions suitable for any request: private villas, discos, trendy clubs, historical buildings, castles, farmhouses, lofts and much more.

From design to final realization. From the feasibility study to the development of creative projects and to the management of the suppliers. We make every single project a set of singularity and creativity with ad hoc solutions for each special event.

Concierge Services

Our concierge services improve and make more pleasant a simple trip, a visit, an important event whether it is a business requirement or a leisure opportunity.

Our team is made up of a multilingual staff with knowledge of the local language and of the guest's language. They are in charge of welcoming and interacting with the clients, guaranteeing all the aspects for a pleasant stay in the chosen facility (luxury hotel, villa, apartment but also glamping), promoting the tourist offer of the place, taking care of all the needs of the clients, fulfilling their requests and necessities.

Any need or advice you may have, our team will guide you to the places you want to visit, will book for you the best restaurant in the area, will get for you tickets for the show you want to see, will take care of your transfers by plane or car and will also organize the right setting and atmosphere for special moments or any other requirement during your stay.

Personal Shoppers & Personal Stylists

Our Personal Shoppers and Personal Stylists are multilingual consultants who accompany our clients in their shopping, with suggesting advice on what to buy and where. Basically, they take care of the clients’ self-image, advising the best purchases in order to achieve the style that best reflects their desires and needs.

Our experts provide customers with their in-depth knowledge of boutiques, fashion stores, brands and trends of the moment to go in search of the most suitable purchase according to different needs, advising on what to buy and where to get the best and most exclusive product, suggesting combinations of outfits.

Corporates Services

DIAGO is qualified to offer a complete support to Italian companies that want to enter to a new foreign market. In the same time, it supplies foreign clients with an univocal and effective reference point to extricate themselves in the Italian market: from the study of the market, to the development of strategies and positioning, to the research of buyers and products, to meetings, up to the expansion of the business in order to approach the market correctly.

Niche Product Market

A niche market is a range of markets with specific needs and requirements. It is a segment in which competition has not yet arrived or is unable to satisfy demand.

In Italy, the link between the territory and the great craftsmanship skills guarantees a top level of attention from demanding and selective customers, especially foreign ones, who prefer products of higher quality and exclusivity compared to those of generalist brands.

The sold products, in this case, are therefore products that are addressed to a precise clients segment. Consumers in a niche market have very specific needs and desires about the products they intend to buy.

This represents a great opportunity for small businesses that offer niche goods which are unique, original, definite high value to a group of loyal clients, willing to pay more for this class of “special” products which they are passionate, especially if they are not so easy to find.

However, small activities linked to the local production of precious and original goods may find it difficult, due to their size, organizational capacity, and historical heritage, to face the global market and identify possible foreign customers. At the same time, foreign customers in search of unique and other valuable products linked to the territory and to craftsmanship skills may have difficulty in finding the product that suit their needs.

That is why, with DIAGO, we provide targeted and expert advice to customers interested in identifying unique, original, and valuable niche products of which they are passionate, while we provide local artisan and producers with a privileged and safe channel to attract new customers and obtain a showcase of adequate level.

Market Research

Expanding your business into certain international markets is not so easy. In fact, there are a number of very important assessments that have to be made of the particular market target that can may determinate or fail the success of the international expansion venture.

A careful analysis of the market is essential to understand the dynamics of the country and to be well positioned against competitors.

In particular, DIAGO is enabled to investigate the following aspects:

Brand positioning: if the company is already well-known in the target market, it’ll be good to understand its positioning in terms of image, price and value. Knowing how the brand is perceived by consumers in that market is an excellent starting point for defining subsequent marketing strategies

Decide which target audience to focus on. Determining the exact type of customer to target is fundamental, to be able to communicate in a focused manner, increasing the chances of success. To do this, it is necessary to conduct a careful analysis of the characteristics of each consumer group and the potential they offer to the company

Evaluate how competitors act and position their business. Having a clear idea of how competitors are acting on the target market allows you to understand which actions are winning and which ones, on the contrary, which you’ve to avoid. Then you’ll know which niche products have to be focused on.

Press Office and International Communication Agency

With DLC, we help companies, public bodies, associations and international organizations of any kind to obtain greater visibility in Italy towards their respective targets. We offer the following communication services:

  • Press office / media relations
  • Public Relations
  • Social media marketing

We develop the most appropriate communication strategies for each individual client, for its objectives and characteristics.

In the PR area, we help companies and organizations to communicate with extremely precise and profiled targets according to their positioning and business needs.

We are able to support international clients in their communication in Italy in three different situations:

  • Public bodies, associations and organizations that want to make a promotion and communication activities in Italy (press office/Web PR & Social Media Marketing/ creativity), also coordinating other countries
  • Companies that launch a product or service in Italy and at the same time coordinate other countries
  • Companies that want to improve their exports by developing their brand in Italy
  • Public bodies, associations and organizations that want to make a promotion and communication activities in Italy (press office/Web PR & Social Media Marketing/ creativity), also coordinating other countries

Certifications Assistance

DIAGO supports companies that are interested in easily managing certification procedures in the countries of interest. In particular, it provides:

  • advice on the necessary certification and how to get it;
  • guide to the preparation of the requested documentation for the certification request
  • management of relations with the certifying body
  • verification of the documentation produced
  • training of the staff on the use, in the daily routine, of the certification
  • renewal procedures for expiring certificates with timely communication to companies
  • technical translations when they are required
  • obtaining technical passports in accordance with current regulations

Exhibition and congress events

DIAGO deals with the design, organization and set-up of original and sophisticated events to make the experience of whoever participates in them unique.

We support the company in the conception, design but also in the preparations necessary for the realization of any type of corporate event: from the selection of the location, to the preparations, passing through all related agency services such as the personal and catering services, transport and security.

DIAGO can provide a range of solutions suitable for any request: private villas, meeting rooms, congress centers, historical buildings and much more. Together with this, a series of services to support the organization of business events such as congresses, meetings, gala dinners.

We also deal with the realization of stands, exhibition stands and rental of furniture. In practice, from design to final realization. From the feasibility study to the creation of creative projects to the management of suppliers. We make every single project a set of uniqueness and creativity.

Services to

DIAGO is in position to offer complete support to foreign investors who want to enter the Italian market: from the study of the market, to the development of strategies and positioning, to the search for partnerships, to meetings, up to the expansion of the business.

Partnership Management, Collaboration and Business Development

DIAGO offers to companies an accurate service for creating synergies and developing business in the market chosen for their development. This takes place through the search for international business partners aimed at selecting, in the variegated global environment, reliable collaborations in their market segment. In line with the needs and expectations of their company, in order to develop contacts, get the business off the ground and give continuity to it.

For the international client, we provide continuous support for the development of cooperation and partnership with Italian companies, through operators who speak the language of the client and who know the local reality, becoming in fact a reference for the investor.

To the Italian client, we ensure a presence in the selected country to develop its business in order to collect new clients and direct them appropriately, through DIAGO, to their company. This with the aim of encouraging foreign investments in Italy, especially at the level of small and medium-sized companies and also startups.

It is very important to develop collaborations that see the countries of interest not only in terms of outlet market but also as an option for productive activities for sale both in the local market and in related countries.

The key word is co-investment for those small and medium-sized companies that do not have the economic/strategic strength to invest on their own, even with the new instruments for internationalization such as those following the post COVID European funding.

DIAGO provides the right commercial consultancy to develop contacts, legal consultancy to stipulate contracts, logistic consultancy regarding transport modalities, and bureaucratic consultancy for customs duties in the countries of interest to make transitions faster and easier.

It will be charge on DIAGO’s staff the monitoring and development of commercial relationships that have been activated synergistically in the reference market area.

Luxury Real Estate Consultancy

Promoting a luxury property to an international clientele requires precise expertise. The emotional component in the purchase of a luxury property is often decisive: you are not only buying an exclusive asset, but also a cultivated dream and a unique location.

The Italian real estate market offers the right guarantees for a safe investment in luxurious proprieties, often near the sea, which are frequently revalued over the time.

The international clients are increasingly appreciating Italy. DLC is mainly involved in the search for prestigious properties located in the Italian territory, but, thanks to important partnerships and specific business relationships, we also met specific needs in the international real estate market of high value. In any case, the proposed proprieties have particular and rare architectural, landscape and historical-artistic characteristics.

An excellent product must be proposed, effectively respecting time and modalities suited to the specific target of luxury goods. The DLC client will be able to take advantage of the most modern multimedia services to choose the property before deciding to view it personally, reducing the necessity of moving before finding the ideal solution.

Our experts will be able to define the customized solution which best satisfies the needs of the client who intends to obtain the maximum return on the investment that they’ve made. Maximum confidentiality and discretion are always absolutely guaranteed at every stage of the process.

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