Sirenyx wines

Nature together with tradition and innovation, come in an exclusive wine.

Reading the title, you have surely thought about the wine collections of Captain Nemo’s fantastic Nautilus submarine, the mythical character of Jules Verne’s fiction. But that’s not what we’re talking about. Strange as it may sound, wines are also aged at the bottom of the sea in various parts of the world: France, Spain, Italy, Greece, the USA, Chile, South Africa, Australia and so on. Storing the bottles on the seabed offers better conditions for aging the wine and leads to very interesting results, keeping the organoleptic characteristics unaltered. Let’s discover together an all-Italian reality that has made aging at the bottom of the sea a distinctive feature: the abyss’ cellar of Sirenyx.


Sirenyx is the story of an encounter: the one between smells, flavors, colors of Romagna, and the double soul of Raffaele Ravaglia. Diver and sommelier by passion, Ravaglia worked tirelessly to define a perfect formula.

Raffaele Ravaglia

That of a harmonious balance between land and sea, between history and innovation, capable of giving life to a product of excellence. After years of refinement, this unique formula places Sirenyx among the most innovative productions in an increasingly evolving market.

An incredible story that starts from a delimited area in Riolo Terme in Romagna with a typical clayey soil, rich in limestone and potassium. In this area, the natural, physical and chemical conditions, the climate and the man care return a unique product.

Vineyard in Riolo Terme in Romagna

Vines selected and harvested by hand in search of only the best bunches. The story continues to the seabed of Ravenna with the bottles that are aged for 14 months in metal baskets positioned between 25 and 27 meters deep off the coast. At that dept there is the absence of light and sounds, the rhythmic movement of the tides, constant pressure and a modestly varying temperature.

Tradition and Innovation in the abyss’ cellar of Sirenyx

It is a new wine, but strongly linked to tradition. A product with two souls, but also with a very specific identity. This is a wine that comes from the lands of Romagna with an international and at the same time exclusive profile. A wine that makes its uniqueness a distinctive character, just like its organoleptic characteristics and its history, original and fascinating at the same time. In a nutshell: a wine of excellence aged in the sea and produced in a limited edition.

Two collections from the abyss cellar: Sirenyx and Palumbarus

Two varieties of wines: the first from 40% Sangiovese, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Merlot grapes, the second 100% Sangiovese. They are offered with a trio of labels each. Six bottles in raw wood boxes for a one-of-a-kind collection available in only 999 pieces per type. Each vintage thus becomes exclusive not only for the number of bottles and serial numbering, but also for the encrustations produced by the permanence in water as well as the hand-made labelling and effigy.

Two varieties of wines

Natural footprint and technological innovation

Nature puts its imprint on each bottle and its content, attends every stage of the process and contributes decisively to the final result. During the refinement, the sea makes the packaging of the single bottle with mussels, oysters, bryozoans, serpulids, ophiures and coelenterates unrepeatable. An author’s canvas on which the abysses paint with a single stroke. Nature, but also technology and innovation, because during the months in the sea, a remote-controlled submarine (called ROV) checks the integrity of the bottles while waiting for the moon phases to declare the process concluded. Then the last step will start with the air-conditioned maturation for one month that avoids thermal shock, keeping the organoleptic properties of the wine unaltered. This process defines each bottle as a work of art resulting from the strict Sirenyx regulations which, from harvest to finished product, require no less than 4 years.

Welcome to the abyss’ cellar of Sirenyx !!

Sirenyx and DIAGO have established a commercial partnership for the international market. For more information about this wine and other Italian niche products please contact us .