Vito Di Lorenzo, visionary founder of Custom Business

Vito Di Lorenzo, visionary founder of Custom Business, the luxury brand of leather tailor-made business bags, based in Verona with a showroom in Milan (Via Monte Napoleone, 17), has announced  the launch of new items coming out before the end of the year in an interview given to the website Fashion Luxury.

Vito Di Lorenzo

“Our mission at Custom Business is to create a unique shopping experience, weaving together tradition and innovation in making luxury leather bags for the business world. Before the end of 2022 our bags will be accompanied by men and ladies shoes, wallets, belts and glasses.”

New portfolio

100% Made in Italy brand

As stated in the interesting article of website Fashion Luxury, Custom Business is a Confartigianato Imprese certified 100% Made in Italy brand. In each creation is the care and craftsmanship typically handed down from father to son.

The work of the company is based on 3 fundamental pillars:

  • 100% made in Italy (Made and produced entirely in Italy)
  • Fully tailor-made (Each product is made to the customer’s request)
  • Sustainability (minimal packaging and certified suppliers)

All accessories are produced in Italy and the leather comes from suppliers belonging to the GREEN LIFE project promoted by the European Community.
Custom Business produces, markets and sells various luxury products related to the world of work and fashion accessories.
These are mainly bags of various types: bags, clutches, briefcases, suitcases, backpacks, small leather goods, wallets, document holders, belts, bracelets, diaries and desk items.

Italian excellence

The founder’s objective is to celebrate and protect the 100% Made in Italy excellence. “We must all be the ones to take care of and defend this quality and find the way to produce our items totally in Italy” says Vito Di Lorenzo visionary founder of Custom Business.

“The consumer must also play their part by choosing carefully, finding out where the product comes from and finding out about the makers themselves before purchasing any type of product from any manufacturing sector.”  

“All the existing and new lines come after a long period of research and development of every single accessory and all the different materials used.”

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