“Bespoke” is custom made elegance

Purchasing a bespoke handcrafted suit comes down to two things: fit and quality. “Bespoke” is real custom made elegance .

Handcrafted or tailored dress?

Main difference between an artisan made-to-measure suit and a tailored suit lies in the quality and, above all, in the work performed.

The handcrafted suit is created starting from the fabric, rigorously built on the customer’s measurements, respecting its particularities. Anglo-Saxon world call it bespoke, that is “something that is talked about, made to measure”.

The tailored suit consists in adapting a pre-packaged industrial suit to the customer’s general measurements. Mainly the pants and jacket sleeves. The rest, the internal structure, the details and all the options and customizations remain the factory ones.

Bespoke suit
Bespoke suit

How do you define “bespoke”?

The term “bespoke” describes something that is custom made for you and only to your individual specifications.

While not limited to clothing, the term “tailored” is most often associated with menswear such as suits, tuxedos, sports jackets, and more.

Having a made-to-measure garment means that everything is 100% custom made just for you. You’re getting a one-of-a-kind garment that takes into consideration your body shape, clothing preferences, and overall sense of style.

Purchasing a bespoke handcrafted suit comes down to two things: fit and quality. “Bespoke” is elegance. To truly determine if bespoke is for you, it really depends on what you’re looking for.

Bespoken! – The language of Elegance

The sartorial art is placed under the sign of harmony. Everything that is created must be perfect, with the characteristic elements of the tailor in synergy with those of the person for whom the creation is intended. Up to the last touch-up, the master’s creation is designed to become unique and exclusive. Unrepeatable over time, it precisely highlights the moment in which creation was born according to your desire. One of the tailor’s task is to combine, with intelligence and care, the customer’s personality, the only moment of desire, and the classic elegance of a high-class style. The result is perfection.

The creation of a made-to-measure suit or shirt involves various processing phases that start from the first meeting between the tailor and the customer, a moment in which the tailor’s ability will be to understand the customer’s needs and requests: only in in this way you will get a made-to-measure garment.

Gray suit
Gray suit

 The Jacket: Handcrafted, personalized, unique

Customer’s preferences in the fashion field are a fundamental element in the creation phase of a made-to-measure suit; the tailor needs to know whether, for example, you prefer to wear a fitted jacket or a comfortable jacket with a regular fit.

The experience and craftsmanship of Italian tailors guarantee that the details and finishes are made exclusively by hand. Like the last brushstroke, a personalized label, featuring your name, will elevate your garment.

Bespoke tuxedo jacket
Bespoke tuxedo jacket

Pants: Personality, style, details

This particular element gives importance to the dress and is intended to underline your personality. The style of the seams and the last details communicate to the people around you the uniqueness of your way of being and your strength of character. The resistance over time, the excellent combination of lines and the dynamic elasticity of the curves give the creation uniqueness and extraordinary elegance.

In making a bespoke suit, the tailor must understand how to sew the trousers together with the customer by choosing the number of folds, the width of the thigh and bottom and the style of the pockets.

Pants: Personality, style, details
Pants: Personality, style, details

Main colors and styles for men

Wearing the right suit is a journey that starts with the trusted tailor and takes place in front of other connoisseurs. It is an almost mystical ritual. An unhurried process, dedicated to sincerity towards oneself: who you really are, where you are going and what you need. It’s easy to have a tailored suit, but it’s much more difficult to have a suit made that represents you and speaks about you, without compromise. Obviously we are talking about the dress which itself becomes a world, with its own personality and memory, where no detail is not too small. The modern armor, with a classic style, but with the advantages of contemporary elegance and technology.

·         The classic black

The bespoke black suit is classic, simple, elegant. It never disappoints. In its simplicity it leaves room for experimentation with details. Suitable for all occasions, the tailored black suit can give the formal sobriety needed for a black tie event or can be part of the natural workwear rotation. In the latter case, to tone down its tendentially formal aspect, the solution lies in accessories, shoes and shirts, which must be a lively and colorful presence.

·         The official navy blue

Blue is the quintessential royal color and you can rely on your bespoke suit in any official setting. Navy blue is suitable for all professional contexts, from business meetings, lunches with clients, official presentations and the evenings following these events. The navy blue tailored suit will be your strong point when you have to meet different types of customers or realities on the same day. Although navy blue is very versatile, accepting a wide range of combinations and accessories, navy blue needs to be in tune with your skin tone.

·         The distinction of gray

The gray fabric, uniform or with a discreet geometry, creates clothes of impressive versatility, suitable for almost any situation. The “grey” tailored suit goes perfectly with any complexion and accepts infinite complementary variations. It’s perfect for men who want to use the full potential of the suit, all week long. Meeting new customers who wear this type of dress could speak of balance, seriousness and safety, proving to be an ace in the hole.

·         The pinstripe

The vertical, equidistant lines, with different widths from 1 millimeter to 3 centimetres, create a perfect product for those who love elegance and at the same time want to demonstrate that they are ready to play, open to the new. The vertical lines, tailored, offer a slim and light visual presence, regardless of body type.

Main colors and styles for men
Main colors and styles for men

The DIAGO Custom Tailoring service

The Custom Tailoring service that DIAGO has established through collaboration with the most sought after artisans in Italy takes you back to the time of the tailors, when the purchase of tailored suits and shirts was a way to pleasantly spend a few hours, getting to know and choosing the best fabrics, decide on the combinations for your garment and share your needs and tastes with the tailor.

DIAGO is able to offer its selected clientele a truly “tailor-made” service for your needs. You will be followed by expert tailors who will welcome you and show you the infinite possibilities that our exclusive tailor-made service can offer.

Only the great experience and the high quality of the materials make the clothing we offer exclusive and luxurious, guaranteeing the true Made in Italy that distinguishes us on the market. All this is achieved thanks to the great artisan experience of families who for years have dedicated themselves to the sartorial production of shirts, suits, leather accessories and made-to-measure shoes for men.