The best Italian cheeses in the world have been awarded

Top of the cheeses: Parmigiano Reggiano

Here’s what they are

Italian cheeses awarded!!! The well-known American portal Taste Atlas, which for years has been involved in the “census” of local delicacies and traditional recipes from all over the world, has drawn up its ranking of the fifty best cheeses on the planet: the top ten positions are almost an Italian monopoly .

In the top ten, Italy dominates with 8 positions conquered by a Made in Italy product. The main competitor on the subje ct, France, obviously questioned the ranking in various events (printed social media, TV, etc.). The first French cheese, Reblochon, is only found in thirteenth place.

While there may be disagreement about the ranking of different cheeses (is Parmesan really better than Grana and spicy Gorgonzola better than sweet?), there is no doubt that Italian cheeses are the most popular (and perhaps the best) in the world, leaving only very little space for other products from the rest of the globe in the top 10.

Italian cheeses awarded
Italian cheeses awarded

The Top Ten of the best cheeses in the world

To give you an idea of the culinary triumph of Italian cheeses, we report the top ten positions in the Taste Atlas world rankings:

1. Parmigiano Reggiano (score 4.8/5): produced with partially skimmed raw milk, the flavor varies from sweetness to almost spicy notes depending on the seasoning

2. Spicy Gorgonzola (score 4.8/5): traditional Italian variety of blue cheese, it is made from pasteurized cow’s milk

3. Burrata (score 4.7/5): Apulian artisan cheese, it is produced by hand with cow’s milk, rennet and cream

4. Grana padano (score 4.7/5): it was produced for the first time in the 11th century by the Cistercian monks of the Abbey of Santa Maria di Rovegnano in Chiaravalle Milanese. It is sold in different stages of maturation

5. Oaxaca cheese (score 4.7/5): A white, semi-hard, low-fat Canadian cheese. It is similar to unaged Monterey Jack, but with a mozzarella-like texture.

6. Stracchino di crescenza (score 4.7/5): with a delicate flavor and creamy texture, it is popular in Northern Italy. It can be made with cow or buffalo milk

7. Mozzarella di Bufala campana (score 4.7/5): must be produced with 100% national water buffalo milk only in Campania or in the neighboring regions of Lazio, Puglia and Molise

8. Queijo Serra da Estrela (score 4.7/5): Portuguese semi-soft cheese made with milk from Bordaleira Serra da Estrela and Churra Mondegueira sheep

9. Pecorino Sardo (score 4.7/5): produced exclusively in Sardinia, it is a semi-cooked hard cheese created only with whole milk from grazing Sardinian sheep. It has an aromatic flavor given by the Mediterranean shrubs on which the animals feed

10.     Pecorino Toscano (score 4.7/5): dating back to the 15th century, it was called Cacio Marzolino. The Toscana variety is salted a little less than the others: in this way it maintains its delicate and sweet flavour

Looking at the complete ranking of the 50 finest cheeses, it turns out that Italian productions conquer 12 positions in the top 20 classified. In addition to the cheeses already mentioned, we find Pecorino Romano (15), Bocconcini (16), Taleggio (17), Provola (20), Stracciatella (23), Fiore Sardo (24), Mozzarella (28), sweet Gorgonzola (37) , Caciocavallo Silano (42) and, finally, Provolone del Monaco (44).

The most loved Italian cheeses abroad

The data on Italian cheese exports for 2021 tell us that the following Italian dairy products are the best-selling and most appreciated beyond the borders of the Bel Paese:

•       Grana Padano PDO

•       Parmigiano Reggiano

•       Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP

•       Pecorino Romano DOP

•       Asiago

This ranking largely confirms that of TasteAtlas, albeit in different positions, but there are also two other types that should not be underestimated: Pecorino Romano and Asiago.

Italian cheeses awarded

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