Our Work Team

The success of any business activity is based on a combination of strategic knowledge, competence, ability of analyzing challenges, needs and working on theme, in a mutually satisfying and synergistic manner. 

In the modern world, networking is the net worth, so building those fine lines of connection between the right people is the crucial part of the puzzle.

DIAGO's team is composed of a close-knit network of highly experienced and proven collaborators with a strong passion for business development, transformation and with extensive experience in multiple sectors of the international scene. 

With this network, we realize a very specific and tailored go-to-market strategy that will open the doors to more opportunities.


Founding Partner and Sole Director

Alessandra, founding partner and sole director, is a chemical engineer, biomedical engineer and also has a degree in medical physics. In her extensive experience, she had the opportunity to work in different international realities and to collaborate with the leadership of numerous international private and institutional entities. At the peak of her career, which brought her to express her great potential in the field of biochemistry and robotics, she decided to realize a dream she had been cultivating for years and together with Fabio she founded “DIAGO - the Luxury Company (DLC) s.r.l.”


Founding Partner

Fabio has a long and varied career within Italian and international institutions. His several years of experience in public and institutional communication have led him to assume the leadership of the sector in large public organizations. He has dealt with the highest level of management in the marketing field, event organization, public relations management and also in geopolitics and international relations.
DIAGO was born to give tangibility to the common purpose and the continuous comparison of ideas and perspectives matured during our long friendship.

Our Priorities and Our Values

Values are the ideals in which we believe and the fundaments of our business. At DLC, values are the basis of our work and it reflected them in our attitudes and relevant ways of performing, which are the underlying principles that guide our own individual decisions. We set priorities and make decisions based on them, letting it reflect the company’s philosophy in the surrounding environment.

Work With Us

The network of our employees is at the heart of our organization. Within our team, the contribution they bring to the development of our business is highly valued and appropriately rewarded. We want to collaborate with ambitious, talented, dedicated, professional people who want to grow, adapt and thrive. We work very hard to shape our business every day and to establish new standards of excellence. We are constantly looking for new talents who want to construct a brighter future and a better society, for everyone. If you would like to be part of our amazing team please contact us - we really want to hear you.

We can ensure you that there will certainly be many chances to develop inside our company with the right benefits, rewards and opportunities based on your achievements and level of support provided, whatever level, current skills or role you are in now.


The historical moment in which we live can put several companies in difficulty. Finding partners becomes a way not only profitable but also necessary in a perspective of rationalization of resources, expansion of the network and customer satisfaction.
In a niche market like the one, we are addressing, providing an excellent service is no longer enough to satisfy the customer and ensure loyalty. Therefore, we believe that in order to obtain the long-lasting trust of our stakeholders; we have to follow carefully their needs and requirements, developing and maintaining increasingly high quality standards and guaranteeing excellent products and services. 
For this reason, we think that developing partnerships with companies that share with us the same attention to the customer and the same goals could be really advantageous. 
Creating valuable partnerships means relating in a transparent manner to achieve long-lasting performance, with a view to mutual growth that can guarantee added value for both entities to the advantage of the final quality of the service. 
DIAGO is therefore looking for companies that offer luxury services or companies that produce unique, special, exclusive and other valuable goods linked to the territory and to local craftsmanship skills in order to share ideas on possible fields of collaboration.
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