Our Priorities and Our Values

We feel responsible for sharing our values with those we need to earn and maintain the lasting and valuable asset that trust is:


We believe that the vitality and strength of our company resides in the people who work for and with us

Customers and service users

We believe in earning the lasting trust of customers and users of our products and services.

Suppliers of services or products

We believe in the need to exercise responsibly our role as leaders in the free market economy and we believe in the importance of contributing to the well-being of the countries and communities in which we operate.

Towards them we decline the following values:


Being ethically correct, honest and inspiring trust: these are the principles that guide our actions. We make no false assumptions about what we think about the marketplace has to offer to our partners. DIAGO is committed to delivering actions that put clients in a better position because of our experience and network.


We love what we do and we want to do it in a distinctive way by pushing ourselves always higher without ever feeling satisfied with the results achieved. Each person at DIAGO is involved with heart and mind to achieving the primary goals of customer satisfaction and maintaining the highest quality standards. We believe that the success of a company is the result of the commitment and dedication of each of its components, because it is thanks to passion that the most innovative ideas are born, and it is thanks to everyone’s skills and commitment that they can be realized.

Customer Satisfaction

We know that today’s in a hyper-competitive market, providing excellent service is not enough to satisfy customers and ensure their loyalty. Our goal is to transform our customer relationship into a truly unique and memorable experience. We believe that in order to gain the lasting trust of consumers and users of our products and services, we must carefully follow the needs and requirements of our customers by developing and maintaining high standards of quality and providing products and services that are significantly better than those of our main competitors.

Supplier Satisfaction

We firmly believe that to ensure customer satisfaction and trust we must start by gaining credibility from our suppliers and partners. By maintaining close and effective business relationships with our partners, we can provide immediate availability of products and services to customers and service users. We are committed to carefully select our suppliers to make them feel unique and valuable by pursuing vigorously our commitment to the search for excellence and exclusivity thus providing a solid foundation for innovative and superior products and services.

Employee Satisfaction

We believe that the vitality and strength of our company must reside in the people who work there and with whom we collaborate. This is achievable by maintaining good relationships among employees, contractors and leadership, based on a sense of participation, mutual respect and an understanding of shared goals.


We are highly meritocratic. Growth paths and recognition are given to people with higher qualities, more committed to achieving goals.